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Boys will be Boys VS Gender Equality

“Boys will be boys” is an oft-heard phrase.

“Boys will be boys” has long been used to excuse negative or harmful behavior among males. However, this notion must be challenged and rejected because it reinforces harmful gender stereotypes and undermines efforts toward gender equality. In this essay I will further discuss why “boys will be boys” is problematic. And why gender equality must be promoted.

Substance or harmful behavior exhibited by an individual

“Boys will be boys” refers to an assumption that boys and men are predisposed to engage in negative or harmful behavior due to simply being males. Unfortunately, this statement is simply not accurate: boys and men do not inherit a tendency towards negative or harmful behavior. Simply due to being born male; rather their behavior is determined by cultural expectations that promote toxic masculinity. Such as cultural belief that men should be strong, tough, and unemotional. Which reinforces toxic masculinity resulting in aggressive or harmful actions taken by boys and men.

Boys being boys is used as an excuse for harmful or negative behavior.

“Boys will be boys” as an excuse for harmful or negative behavior perpetuates the belief that such behaviour is acceptable or desirable among boys and men. And can create an atmosphere in which such behaviors become acceptable or expected in society as whole. This can have lasting negative impacts for young men as it reinforces damaging attitudes and beliefs. Which could shape their behaviors into adulthood.

Promoting gender equality is of critical importance.

“Boys will be boys” not only promotes harmful attitudes and behaviors, but it undermines gender equality as a goal. By accepting harmful or negative behavior in boys and men as normal. We fail to hold them to equal standards as other individuals. This creates unfairness while reinforcing gender-based power imbalances that contribute to further oppression and marginalization of women and girls.

Promote Gender Equality

In order to advance gender equality, it is vitally important that we challenge and disprove the stereotype that “boys will be boys”. This can be accomplished through education, media representation and community engagement. Schools play an essential role by including lessons on gender-based expectations and socialization into their curriculum. While media portrayal may challenge harmful gender stereotypes by portraying positive roles with equal behaviors and attitudes within male characters on screen. Finally, community engagement helps raise awareness about its significance while inspiring individuals towards creating a more equitable society.

“Boys will be boys” is an inaccurate and harmful expression.

“Boys will be boys” is an ineffective and misleading phrase that perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes while undermining efforts towards gender equality. Instead, we should reject and challenge this idea and work toward inculcating positive, equitable behaviors and attitudes across gender lines in all individuals. By doing so we can create an equitable and just society for all.

Modifying society’s mindset

Change society’s perceptions regarding “Boys will be boys” and promote gender equality requires a multidimensional strategy. Encompassing education, media representation and community involvement. Here are some methods we can work toward shifting societal attitudes and fostering gender equality:


Schools play an essential role in shaping attitudes and beliefs, so including lessons on gender-specific expectations and socialization into their curriculum. Can help address harmful gender stereotypes while simultaneously encouraging more equal behaviors among boys and girls.

Media Representation:

Media has the power to shape public opinion and attitudes, so portraying positive, egalitarian behaviors and attitudes among male characters. Through media representation can help combat harmful gender stereotypes and promote gender equality.

Community Engagement:
Engaging with communities can help raise awareness about gender equality and inspire individuals to work toward creating an equitable society. Community engagement activities may include campaigns, workshops and events focused on increasing gender equity while challenging harmful gender stereotypes.

Challenging Harmful Language:

One effective method for changing societal attitudes and beliefs is through challenging harmful language such as “Boys will be boys”. By calling out its use and replacing it with more positive and equitable forms of speech. We can shift societal attitudes and beliefs.

Promoting open and honest discussions:

Promoting open and honest discussions on gender equality and challenging harmful gender stereotypes are critical steps toward altering society’s attitudes and changing societal behavior. This may involve challenging negative behavior as well as actively advocating for positive, equitable ones.

Here are five more strategies for shifting attitudes regarding the “Boys will be boys” phrase and encouraging gender equality:

Promoting positive male role models:

By encouraging positive male role models who embody equitable behaviors and attitudes, we can help shift societal attitudes to one that has more positive and equitable perceptions of masculinity.

Encourage self-reflection:

Encourage men and boys to conduct self-reflection and explore their attitudes and beliefs regarding gender can be an effective means of furthering gender equality.

Integrate gender equality into workplace policies:

Integrating gender equality into workplace policies and practices is key to creating an equitable and inclusive work environment, where individuals feel valued regardless of gender.

Celebrating and amplifying women’s voices and experiences:

By acknowledging and amplifying the voices and experiences of women and girls, we can raise awareness of the ongoing struggles women and girls are currently facing and help advance gender equality.

Supporting gender-focused organizations and initiatives:

Contributing to organizations and initiatives dedicated to gender equality can create a more equitable and just society. You can do this by volunteering your time, resources or money towards organizations working towards this cause.


Overall, “Boys will be boys” perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes and undermines efforts to advance gender equality. By perpetuating this phrase, we allow harmful behaviors and attitudes to go unchallenged while reinforcing the idea that boys cannot be held responsible for their actions – something which has significant adverse repercussions for both boys and girls, reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes while restricting healthy and equitable behaviors and attitudes from emerging. This has significant adverse consequences both boys and girls as it perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes while hinders development of healthy and equitable behaviors and attitudes – reinforcing stereotypes while hindering development of healthy and equitable behaviors and attitudes.

To achieve a more equitable and just society, it is imperative that we address this phrase head on by challenging its usage and working toward gender equality. To effectively do so, this process involves education, media representation, community engagement activities, challenging harmful language use and encouraging open and honest discussions – all measures we must work toward together as part of an effort towards building an equitable society where each member feels valued regardless of their gender.

Promoting gender equality is integral to building a just and fair society. By questioning statements like, “Boys will be boys” and actively encouraging gender equality, we can work toward creating a more just and equal world for all.

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