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Pakistan’s Ineffective Government

Pakistan’s government is widely perceived to be ineffective and inefficient due to a number of factors, including corruption, lack of accountability, political instability, poverty and sectarian violence.

Pakistan is beset by corruption at all levels of government. This prevents effective governance from taking place as officials prioritize enriching themselves over serving the public good – Transparency International has identified Pakistan as one of the most corrupt countries globally.

Lack of Accountability

Pakistani government lacks accountability, meaning officials are rarely held responsible for their actions if they are corrupt or incompetent, further disincentivizing good governance. A recent World Bank report has found that this system of accountability in Pakistan is “weak”.

Pakistan has long suffered from political instability, with frequent changes of government making long-term planning impossible and implementation ineffective. A study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies determined that Pakistan has experienced 22 changes of administration since gaining independence in 1947.


Poverty is pervasive throughout Pakistan, hindering government’s ability to provide basic services to its population and leading to frustration and resentment among residents – this makes maintaining order difficult. A recent World Bank report estimated that 60% of Pakistanis live below the national poverty line.

Sectarian Violence

Sectarian violence has long been an issue in Pakistan, often spilling over into political arena. As such, it makes it more challenging for governments to build consensus and implement policies that benefit all Pakistanis equally. A recent United Nations report estimated that sectarian violence had claimed over 70,000 lives since 2001 in Pakistan alone.

These are only some of the many reasons for Pakistan’s ineffective performance as an institution. Addressing these issues will go a long way toward making Pakistani government more responsive and effective.

Pakistani government faces many additional obstacles that require its consideration, such as:
  • Weak Legal System
  • The Pakistani legal system is notoriously weak and inefficient, making it hard to uphold the rule of law and protect citizens’ rights.
  • Bloated Bureaucracy:
  • Pakistan has an overburdened and ineffective bureaucracy, making it hard for their government to provide services to its citizens.
  • A lack of Transparency: This makes it more challenging for citizens to hold it accountable than necessary.

Pakistani governments face multiple challenges that impede them from effectively addressing its country’s issues. If progress can be made on any of them, however, they could become more effective and responsive institutions.

Pakistan has taken steps to address these challenges, including:

Launch of Anti-Corruption Campaign: Pakistan has recently taken steps against corruption by initiating an anti-corruption drive, leading to arrest of several high-level officials.

  • Reforming Pakistan’s Legal System:
  • Pakistan’s government recently unveiled changes to their legal system with an aim of making it more efficient and effective.
  • Reducing Bureaucracy:
  • Pakistan has begun to reduce bureaucracy to make it more efficient, while simultaneously improving transparency by publishing more information online and publishing additional documents online. * Improve Transparency:
  • Pakistan has also made steps toward increasing transparency by publishing additional information online and publishing additional reports and publications online.

However, more needs to be done to address these challenges. Pakistani government needs to take bolder steps toward reforming and improving the system in order to create more effectiveness. Otherwise it will face the same set of problems it has for decades.

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