10 Tips for Writing a Good Essay in a Competitive Exam in Pakistan

Tips for writing an effective essay in Pakistani Competitive Exams: There may be several reasons why writing an effective essay might prove challenging in such an exam:

Time Pressure:

Within the confines of a competitive examination, time may be of the essence and creating an effective essay under such pressure can be challenging. Writing one that addresses all points on your list takes effort!

Lack of Knowledge About the Topic:

Thus Writing an effective essay on an unfamiliar subject may prove to be challenging. If you lack prior experience and may require you to produce enough material to create enough of an argumentative piece.

Tips for writing an effective essay in Pakistani competitive exams


Exam stress can make it difficult to think clearly and write efficiently. Impeding on the learning process and creating anxiety in students who must sit a competitive exam.

Language Barriers: If English is not your native tongue, writing an effective essay in it may prove challenging.

If this is your first experience writing essays, you may find it challenging to organize your thoughts into an essay that flows coherently.

Tips on writing an effective essay in Pakistani exams.

Issue with understanding the question:

Writing an effective essay can be challenging if you do not fully grasp the question or prompt.

Organization of Ideas: Have difficulty organizing ideas:

Establishing an effective structure for your essay is a key element of the writing process, but if you struggle to organize your ideas it can make the task difficult and even impossible to complete a great piece.

Problems with Grammar and Mechanics:

If your grammar and writing abilities are inadequate, writing an effective essay may prove challenging.

Difficulties with Writing Style:

Writing different types of essays requires different writing styles; an argumentative essay may need a distinct approach from narrative essays. Unfortunately, writing good essays can be a challenging endeavor if you do not know which writing style best suited to the essay you are being asked to create.

Research issues: Difficulties associated with research.

Dependent upon the topic of your essay, research may be necessary in order to gather information and support your arguments. Without sufficient research skills it may be challenging finding and including relevant data in your essay.

Please read carefully the tips outlined above on writing an effective essay in a Pakistan competitive exam essay writing exam.

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